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The Importance of Networking with Other Authors Using Social Media

Authors, Listen to the Chatter about Networking with Other Authors

Using Social Media to form relationships with other authors and exchanging information with them is one of the keys to indie author’s success. Here is what some of our Spotlight Authors have to say about networking.

1.     Relationships are Crucial to an Indie Author

Carolyn Arnold @Carolyn_Arnold   
28800 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Carolyn writes Mystery & Thrillers and Romance novels including the Brandon Fisher FBI Series, McKinley Mystery Series, Matthew Connor Adventure Series and the MADISON KNIGHT series.

Social media relationships to me are very important. These are primarily other writers who know what I’m going through, who struggle with the same challenges. I consider these people friends even though the majority I’ve never met face to face. There is an exchange of encouragement to keep going.

2.     Build a Community of Knowledge

Ruth Cardello @RuthieCardello   
4695 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Ruth is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Legacy Collection.

I see social media as a tool and have used it to connect with my readers and to network with other authors. I strongly believe that proper use of social media can help an author’s career. It’s not about spamming your readers and your friends, it’s about building a community with readers and other authors.

EM Kaplan @meilaan   
68100 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Emily is the Award-winning mystery and fantasy author of the snarky Josie Tucker mysteries. She writes Mystery, Fantasy, and Young Adult novels.

Twitter has been wonderful primarily for developing connections with other writers. I’ve been on Twitter since 2008—which is why my handle is my middle name and not my author name—but I started using it for books and writing only four years ago. Since then, I’ve met writers who’ve taught me about Twitter, marketing, Amazon ads, newsletters, promos, podcasts, and more. Without them, I might have given up by now. Instead, they’ve helped me connect with readers in a variety of ways.

Dan Pollock @danielpollock   30500 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Dan is the author of the thriller novels and a member of the International Thriller Writers.

Twitter is the only social media I spend time on. I don’t know how much it’s helped me sell books, but it has helped me relieve the isolation of my trade and enjoy the sympathetic company of writers all over the globe. I’ve learned a lot from these folks—most usefully about marketing. In growing my followers, I pursue those who follow other writers I admire.

M.J. Schiller @mjschiller   
3369 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Mary is the author of the Rocking Romance, Real Romance and Romantic Realms collections.

Through social media I’ve met a whole slew of other writers and they are some of the nicest people going, as proven by you. A lot of work went into this post, for someone you’ve never met. That’s pretty incredible! I’ve also been able to reconnect with some people, and let others I didn’t know as well come to know me better, and vice versa. Some people are down on social media, and, of course, nothing can replace that personal connection you get one on one. But it allows me to “talk” to people I wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to talk to.

Rob Sinclair @RSinclairAuthor   
53000 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Rob is the author of the Carl Logan Enemy Series.

Social media has been very important to me. It’s been a great way for me to connect with readers and other writers and it’s nice to have a very open forum where I can chat to readers rather than just being a name behind a book they read. It does take a lot of time though. In many ways it can be quite addictive so I have to try my best not to let social media get in the way of ‘real’ life. I’ve invested a lot of time in growing my following, both through posting interesting things and interacting with readers and potential readers and I think that’s very important -social media is about being social. Yes, it’s a good tool that I think has directly led to many book sales for me but it’s not just about selling, you have to be personable and sociable too.

3.     Spreading Information to Readers and Other Authors

Philip Catshill @PhilipCatshill   
24500 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Philip is an Artist, Poet and the author of the Mike Newman Mysteries series.

Social media provides an excellent platform for spreading instant information on a global scale, but information should not include advertising. Too many writers use it to say: "Buy my book" which is simply ineffective as it turns people away. The secret of my success is by using social media to offer free support, help, advice or guidance to other writers and artists. I also publicly thank reviewers whether the review is 1 star or 5.

Stacy Eaton @StacySEaton   
13300 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Stacy is a USA Today Best Selling author. She is the creator of the popular My Blood Runs Blue series and The Celebration Series.

I do try to stay in touch with fans. I communicate with them when I can on twitter and get on Facebook as often as my schedule allows, but some weeks that if hard, especially now that I have moved from patrol to full time investigations. I like to work with other authors and help them by doing interviews and posting them on my blog when I have time. I wish I had more time to spend with my fans and with other readers, but right now my minutes are very limited.

Devika Fernando @Author_Devika   
19400 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Devika is the author of the Romancing the Royals series, the FIRE Trilogy, The Forbidden series, and Romance Round the World series. She writes Romance Novels (Contemporary & Paranormal).

As I’m writing for an international readership, I always knew social media would play an important role. I rely on Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general for my book marketing. During the earlier stages, I concentrated on networking with other authors as well as joining groups and online book clubs. Once the first book was out, I began reaching out to bloggers and reviewers too, as well as specifically targeting readers. Now that I have more followers, I sometimes opt for giveaways or join multi-author promotions; nothing else has changed in my approach. I try to keep things visual and interactive instead of simply posting text.

Toby Neal @tobywneal   
19800 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Toby is author of the Lei Crime Series.

While social media will NOT make up for a bad or even mediocre book, it’s a cheap and effective way to get word out about your work through relationship building. Is it EASY? Or instant? No. I said relationship building, didn’t I? *grin*

Twitter is a way that your message can potentially go around the world, almost instantly. It’s been a huge place to connect with other writers and potential readers for me. Once we get to liking each other, we continue the relationship building on Facebook, G+ or Instagram. It’s fun once you get the hang of it!

4.     Learning the Business From Other Authors

Sharon Saracino @SharonSaracino   
1895 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Sharon writes lightly humorous paranormal romance. She is the author of DEATH BENEFITS.

I think social media is a must for any author. Not only is it a platform for promotion, but it opens the door to networking and learning from other authors, as well as providing a means for fans to express their opinion.

D.V. Berkom @dvberkom   
3303 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Daphne is the bestselling author of two award-winning thriller series (Leine Basso and Kate Jones).

Social media is the key to building a solid reader base, and is a great way to connect to other authors. I’ve also met some great book bloggers/reviewers, many of whom have become friends. The impact of social media on my success has been tremendous. The ability to connect with readers who enjoy my work is so important. I doubt the majority of an independent author’s success would be possible without the reach social media provides. My book launches are certainly more effective each time I do one, due in no small part to that same social media following.

An important key to an indie author’s success is networking with other authors, forming relationships, exchanging information, and learning the business of indie publishing.

By James Moushon @jimhbs

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