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A Social Media Presence is a MUST for Indie Authors

Introduction:  Listen to the Author Chatter about the need for a Social Media Presence

Having a Social Media presence is a must for indie authors. It is a major part of any author's exposure to readers. Here is what some of our Spotlight Authors have to say.

1.     A Presence is Crucial

Jeanne Bannon @JeanneBannon   
8229 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Best-selling Author Jeanne Bannon writes YA, contemporary romance novels, all with a hint of the paranormal.

I’ve had to cultivate my social media presence over several years. It took approximately 7 years to gain a large following on all social media platforms. It’s crucial in order to get the word out about new releases and/or promotions.

2.     Developing a Presence

Luana Ehrlich @luanasbooks   
24800 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Author Luana Ehrlich is the author of the Titus Ray Thrillers series.

Social media was an excellent means of getting the word out about the series. I spent several weeks developing my online presence on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google, in addition to my Author pages on Facebook and Amazon. Then, as I began to tweet and post about my book, I gathered followers. I believe these are legitimate means of gaining readers, as long as your response to any contact is a personal one.

3.     It is all about Selling books

Catherine Bybee @catherinebybee   16900 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Author Catherine Bybee is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Romance Author.

I’m actually heading up a workshop at the Romantic Times Convention this year on this subject. I have always believed that a strong online presence is as important to selling a book and finding readers as writing the book and getting it published.

Helen Hanson @HelenHanson   38600 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Best-Selling Author Helen Hanson writes Mystery & Thrillers and Suspense novels. Helen is the author of The Masters CIA Thriller Series and The Cruise FBI Thriller Series.

3 LIES hit the Kindle Top 100 because of my online
presence. But, I’m more comfortable with live humans than I am on social media. In real life I get to gauge expressions, body language, even the timbre of a voice. But I’ve met some fabulous people through the vines.

4.     Value is often indirect

Jade Kerrion @JadeKerrion   
39400 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Award-Winning Author Jade Kerrion writes the DOUBLE HELIX series. Also, she writes a great blog featuring authors and writing.

A social media
presence is necessary (which typically includes a website, Twitter, and Facebook). Quantifying the value of social media is much harder. The value is often indirect, and is frequently based on building online relationships as opposed to just blasting out marketing messages.

5.     A Marketing Tool

Caroline Fardig @carolinefardig   3927 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

B&N Humor Bestseller Author Caroline Fardig writes Mystery, Romance and Chick Lit. She is the author of the Java Jive Mysteries series and the Lizzie Hart Mysteries series.

I think social media plays a critical role in marketing books. My Twitter followers have been great about re-tweeting me and helping me get the word out about my book. I think having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads has made a deep impact on my sales.

Paul D. Marks @PaulDMarks   1786 
twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Awarding-winning Author Paul D. Marks is an Author of noir, mysteries, satire & mainstream fiction.

I think it's more important than ever for a writer to have a good social media presence. Even if one has a major publisher, unless you're a huge name like John Grisham, Michael Connelly or Patricia Cornwell, you end up doing most of your PR yourself. So things like Twitter, Facebook and all the other usual suspects are great ways to get the word out and get word of mouth, which is what really sells books and gets attention for them and the author.

Vickie McKeehan @VickieMcKeehan   7769 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Bestselling Author Vickie McKeehan writes romantic suspense.

Social media is a must for marketing, especially if you’re a writer. Having a
presence on Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet in general, is essential for success. But like anything else, social media isn’t the sole relationship builder you need to establish yourself with readers.

Steven Montano @Daezarkian   73700 
twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Steven Montano is the creator of the BLOOD SKIES series.

Social media pretty much is my marketing. I don’t pay for advertising, so I rely on interaction to make people aware of my books. And while I do send out plenty of marketing Tweets, I more try to maintain a
presence on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads by chatting with people about whatever silliness might come up. 

6.     Social media is an important tool

AD Starrling @ADStarrling   2820 
twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

Author AD Starrling is the award-winning  author of the action thriller series Seventeen.

In this day and age, I believe the three important tools an author needs to establish an internet
presence is a website, a mailing list, and one or more social media profiles. Social media is a fantastic place to connect with other authors, influencers, and fans but it needs to be handled in a strategic and fun way so as not to become an unproductive, frustrating time sink. 

7.     Successful Career

Aleatha Romig @AleathaRomig   15100 twitter followers – Spotlight Interview

New York Times & USA Today Bestseller Author Aleatha Romig is the author of  the Consequences Series.

I feel my social media
presence and relationships have been essential to my writing career and success.

A social media presence is crucial to an author's success.

By James Moushon @jimhbs

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