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Authors: Use Interesting Content to Build Relationships on Social Media

Authors, Listen to the Chatter about Using Interesting Content to Increase Your Following and Build Relationships.

Interesting content is very important in increasing your following on Social Media and forming relationships. Here is what some of our Spotlight Authors have to say about networking.

1.     Use Interesting Content

Ellie Campbell @ecampbellbooks   
22300 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Ellie Campbell (Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell, sisters) collaborate to write Contemporary Women's Fiction.

We’ve made good friends through Twitter and our following has definitely increased since we started retweeting favorite photos and interesting or useful articles from other writers and bloggers – we like to keep it fun as well as informative. At the start our Ellie Campbell Facebook page was mainly about us, our books, offers, promotions, giveaways, but these days we also share funny stories, animal videos, anything that makes us laugh or that we feel strongly about.

Downside is, there’s a huge amount of fascinating articles out there and it can suck up an enormous amount of time if you’re not careful.

Emma Jameson @msemmajameson   
1953 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Emma is the NYT bestselling author of the Lord & Lady Hetheridge series and the Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries.

I enjoy interacting with readers on Facebook, and I think many new readers have discovered me through my Facebook fan page. On Twitter, I’ve interacted with perhaps ten separate readers since day one. My hypothesis is, cozy mystery readers generally don’t use Twitter to discover new authors or fatten their TBR list. They use it to converse, have fun, and post reactions to current events. So now that’s how I use Twitter. I post pretty pictures, I live tweet my favorite shows, and I retweet fun stuff and interesting links.

 Robin Mahle @RobinMahle   
3106 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Robin is a bestselling Mystery and Suspense Author. She is an author of the Redwood Violet Suspense series.

Social media is certainly a challenge and I do struggle to stay on top of it. As far as building a following, I work very hard at the relationship aspect of Twitter. I think the best way to gain followers is to engage other users, talk to them, makes your posts informative and interesting. I rarely ever tweet about my books unless it’s to inform of a new release or a temporary sale. I’m not one to spam my followers with links to buy my books. I think that makes a difference. Sometimes I get annoyed when my timeline is filled with advertisements. I don’t think I’m quite as good at staying on top of my Facebook page posts, though. That is strictly fan-based and I only want to put interesting information on my wall and to be honest, the life of a writer isn’t all that interesting, right? Well, not my life, anyway? I do truly enjoy replying to the readers though. I get so excited when I get comments.

Cricket Rohman @CricketRohman   
5230 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Cricket is the author of the Lindsey Lark series. Cricket writes Fiction, Mystery and Romance novels.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love being able to connect with so many wonderful people, but it takes time and focus away from writing. Having only a little over two years’ experience using social media, I learn something new every day with regard to how it all works. My debut novel launched in 2013, since then I’ve been striving to make my Internet communications interesting, informative and fun for my friends, my followers, my connections, my readers.

2.     Build Relationships and a Following

Vered Ehsani @VeredEhsani   
3642 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Vered is a Fantasy and Mystery Writer. She is the author of the Ghost Post Mysteries, Dragon & Myth and the Society for Paranormals series.

Social media is a funny business. I've been at it for a few years, and what I've learned is that people should be where they are comfortable. For example, I have far more interaction with readers on Facebook and on my website than on Twitter. And yet I never set out to use Facebook in that way. I just hang out there, find interesting articles, see cute cat photos etc. I think building a "following" is really about building sincere relationships.

Gary Haynes @GaryHaynesNovel   
76700 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Gary is a Thriller writer & lawyer.  His first series features Tom Dupree, a special agent in the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

If I just used it to push my book that wouldn’t work, so you have to tweet interesting content that attracts like-minded users. I tweet about geopolitics, terrorism and the writing life. I’ve also found my Facebook author page and Goodreads to be useful social media tools, as well as my website. I make a point of always replying to readers no matter how they contact me. It’s about building relationships and being honest. I don’t use forums or newsletters, because there is only so much time, but I do actively use social media on a daily basis, partly to stay visible and partly because I enjoy the interaction. 

Michael G. Munz @TheWriteMunz   
2898 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Michael is the Amazon bestselling sci-fi/fantasy author of Zeus Is Dead and The New Aeneid Cycle series.

As for how I built my following, I started with following some fellow geeks that I know in real life, and then doing searches on Twitter for various sci-fi/fantasy topics and following those people as well. I tried my best to actually engage with the people I followed—otherwise why are they going to spare some attention for me?—and eventually it snowballs. The most important thing that I try to remember is not to just tweet about my books. After all, if all I do is shout “Buy my books!” and don’t say anything else that isn’t funny, interesting, or otherwise engaging, then why would people want to follow me?

Maria Grazia Swan @scrittrice   
4405 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

Maria is a Suspense and Mystery writer. She is the author of the Mina's Adventures and the Lella York series.

Oh, how I wish that was the case. I'm a social media virgin. No joke. My twitter account grows only because I tend to re-tweet things I find cute or sweet or interesting. I'm not sure how it works but it does. Some days I open my email to find that I have 10 new followers..again, I'm thankful. I post a blog on alternate Tuesdays and I try to talk about stories from my childhood.

Just to make sure you know that's all based on real life events, I even have lots of old pics, including the 3 story house I was born in.

J.T. Lewis @JTLewis_Books  
3244 twitter followers - Spotlight Interview

JT is the bestselling author of The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic Series and the The Pepper and Longstreet Series.

I am a big believer in offering something of value to my readers however…value added content much as you do with here on your blog…something that isn’t necessarily pushing your writing at them constantly (see above). While I don’t do many interviews on my blog, I have been doing a ‘Quote Of The Day’ for a few years now, as well as posting funny or interesting information. I am also a big believer in using any automatic links available so that any post gets spread throughout as many other forums as possible.

It all comes down to being an entertainer…because after all…isn’t that the essence of why we write stories?

An important key to an indie author’s success is to increase your following on Social Media and forming relationships by using interesting content in your posts.

By James Moushon @jimhbs

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