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eBook Author: Wearing Two Hats

This is the eBook Author’s initial blog. I have created this blog to assist eBook authors in writing and developing eBooks. My blog will discuss how the eBook author fits into the evolving eBook Industry and the many opportunities that exist.

Some of the topics that are on the blog’s drawing board are:

The new breed: the eBook Author
eBook rendering and what that adds to the eBook Experience
A comparison between the startup of electronic business forms and eBook industry
The power of in-book links and how that enhances the reader experience
A case study of the self-publishing of an eBook on Amazon

A regular feature will be: How Surefire Book Publishing, a hypothetical entity, is reacting to the new eBook industry

I am currently wearing Two Hats. I am a fiction writer and a computer consultant. I have spent the majority of my adult life developing computer systems and thinking about writing.

The writer part of me has just self-published an eBook. I recently went through the complete eBook process from writing the novel to the creation of the eBook to publishing it on Amazon.

My eBook, Call Off The Dogs, was not a scanned version of a traditional paper book but was converted directly from a Word document to the Kindle format. You can view a sample of the book by visiting HBSystems Publication web site. While you are there you should look at the concept of in-book links inserted in the content. (This concept will be discussed at length in a future blog.)

Because of my experience I was able to use computer tools to manage the writing project like designing a database to keep track of the sections or chapters and their word counts, the main and secondary characters, the storyline and so on. Call Off The Dogs is based on history, the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, so keeping track of dates, times and places was important.

The publishing part was enhanced by creating a program that automated the Kindlegen process. With one click I was able to create a mobi file and view it in the Kindle For PC software. This program and ideas will be shared with authors in future blogs.

When I am wearing the Computer Consulting hat I am developing systems to help businesses move from paper to digital. I have extensive experience in the paper to digital conversion process starting back in 1993. In the coming blogs I would like to share with authors some of this knowledge. I will explore the relationship of my experience as it relates to the eBook author and the eBook industry in general.
(For more information on my background, see the About Me section of this blog.)

What do you think about this blog concept? I will try to respond to all your comments and include some of the good ideas in future posts.

I will be excepting guest blogs and writing comments about other blogs that are related to the eBook experience.

To contact me directly, email:
My self-publishing company is : HBSystems Publications
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Coming Soon on this blog:

eBook Author: New Breed of AuthorThis post will discuss the changing role of the author and the large opportunities the eBook presents to him. If you want to be an eBook author, you should read this posting.

Book Information
Call Off The Dogs
By: James Moushon
Published By: HBSystems Publications
November 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4507-4529-1 ASIN:B004AYCTI8
Available at Amazon in eBook Format
Genre: Fiction, Alternative History

Genre: Fiction, Alternative History

This post originated from HBSystems Publications.

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